accident with a doordash

Food delivery apps like Doordash, Uber Eats and Grubhub are everywhere nowadays. They offer the convenience of ordering from many local restaurants without having to leave your home. The use of food delivery apps is projected to continue rising in the future. With tens of thousands of deliveries happening every day, it is only natural that people get into accidents with a Doordash, Uber Eats or Grubhub driver.

What should you do if you get into an accident with a Doordash driver?

(There are dozens of food delivery apps, but for convenience and clarity’s sake, we will use Doordash as our primary example.)

1 – First and foremost, stop for a moment and give yourself a once over.

Are you feeling disoriented, dizzy, or sick?  If you need medical attention,  call 911 immediately. Before you can do anything else, it is paramount that you take care of yourself. Don’t push aside even the smallest discomfort, as it is common to have injured your neck, back, or spine without noticing it at first. This may seem odd, but when your body is put into flight-or-fight response, it may be difficult to ascertain the true nature of your injuries.

If you do not get medical attention at the immediate time of the car accident, it is still important that you visit a doctor in the next 24 hours. Request hard copies of the doctor’s report for your claim, and tell your physician that you were involved in a car accident with a Doordash driver. 

2 – Next, call the police.

Do not let the delivery driver leave until they arrive. Have them come to the scene to file a traffic accident report. State the facts from your point of view, and do your best to remain calm and collected while doing so. You can ask the arriving officer to tell you who they cite to be at fault on the record. Also make a note of when you can expect it to be filed. Usually, this will happen in a few business days.

Like any other traffic incident, you should be sure to collect information from the Doordash driver. Record their name/driver ID, the make and model of the vehicle, their insurance information (including any coverage provided by Doordash) the license number, and if possible, how many deliveries they have made that day.  Before vehicles are moved or you leave the scene, try to make a clear physical record of the incident. Some important details to document are:

  • Date/Time it occurred
  • Your location
  •  Was it raining, foggy, sunny? Weather conditions could be a factor to negligence.
  •  Pictures of all vehicle damage
  • Other details that may explain why the accident happened (the driver ran a  red light, failed to use a turn signal, didn’t break, etc.) 

Put all of the information together to make a clear record of what happened. The more thorough you are, the better off you will be. Keep an eye out for any potential witnesses. If someone saw the accident with a Doordash driver, you may ask them if they would be willing to make a statement. Get their phone number and email.

3 – Once you feel like you’ve collected all the evidence you can, the next step is to contact your insurance company

Doordash drivers are required to carry their own car insurance that meets state minimum standards. Doordash also carries insurance for each driver that covers excess liability above the individual driver’s policy limits. This means that if you get into an accident with a Doordash driver and the Dasher is found to be at fault, their personal insurance will pay for your damages. If your damages exceed their policy limits, then Doordash’s insurance will cover the rest.

Personal insurance policies don’t cover accidents that happen while at work, however. If the Dasher fails to notify their insurance carrier that they are undertaking commercial services in their vehicle BEFORE the accident, their insurance may refuse to pay.

4 – Fill out a Doordash Accident Report form

You can fill out a Doordash accident report form here:

5 – No matter whose insurance is paying for your accident, you need an experienced attorney on your side

Insurance companies are notorious for doing everything they can to avoid paying out compensation. Read more about the insurance company delay, deny and obstruct tactics here. They will try very hard to blame you for your accident with a Doordash driver – doubly so if your accident is severe enough to exhaust the driver’s personal insurance policy, running into Doordash’s legions of insurance attorneys. An attorney can explain and safeguard your rights while helping you pursue all available legal remedies. A lawyer can also anticipate insurers’ tactics, neutralize their arguments, and help you seek full, fair compensation.

Personal injury attorneys have dedicated their careers to protecting people like you. Having a trustworthy firm represent you after a truck accident could be one of the best decisions you make during these trying times, and gives you the best odds to receive the compensation you need. Why give yourself more strife? Call us for a free consultation today – (937) 222-2030