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Emergency Room mistakes and surgical errors are rare, but happen far too often.

Unfortunately, given the setting in which these medical services are provided, medical mistakes can lead to catastrophic injuries or death. The Ohio hospital & surgical error lawyers at Cowan and Hilgeman offer free case evaluations and only get paid an attorney fee if we win your case and recover compensation. If we do not win your case and recover compensation, you do not pay an attorney fee. We are committed to results.

Hospital and Surgical Errors

  • Incorrect Diagnosis and Emergency Room Errors
  • Improper Administration of Anesthesia
  • Inappropriate Post-Operative Care
  • Organ Laceration, Perforation and Puncture
  • Surgical Instruments Left in Body

We Aggressively Pursue Cases.

Hospital and Surgical Error Attorney Dayton OH

The Ohio hospital & surgical error lawyers at Cowan and Hilgeman will investigate your case, gather all relevant evidence, consult with specialized experts and present your case. We are committed to recovering maximum compensation. Medical mistakes often leave long-lasting effects that require specialty physicians, treatment and medications. These costs are significant. The Ohio medical malpractice lawyers at Cowan and Hilgeman seek maximum compensation to provide for these future costs.

The Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Cowan and Hilgeman handle the following cases:

Foreign Objects left in the Patient's Body

are preventable medical mistakes that should never happen. It has recently been reported that in 1 of 10,000 medical procedures a foreign object (i.e. sponge, surgical utensil) is left in the patient’s body. A Johns Hopkins study recently found that foreign objects are left in the patient’s body 39 times each week. While impossible to prevent every medical mistake, foreign objects left in the patient’s body should never happen and often lead to serious or life-threatening complications.


Surgical Errors

 can happen in an instant. A good example of a surgical error is perforation of the bowel during a routine colonoscopy or removal of a polyp. When this happens, bacteria from the bowel infiltrates the abdominal cavity. This might cause sepsis and peritonitis, which infects internal organs such as the lungs, kidneys or liver. If the sepsis isn’t quickly halted, it can cause wrongful death.

Emergency Room Mistakes

often happen due to patient overcrowding, physician understaffing and poor communication among emergency room employees. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculated that Americans visited the emergency department approximately 140.1 million times last year. It has been estimated that 5%-10% of all emergency room visits are subject to medical errors. This means that between 7 million and 14 million emergency room errors take place each year.

Wrong Site, Wrong Patient or Wrong Procedure Surgeries

 involve patients who have undergone surgery on the wrong body part, undergone the incorrect procedure, or had a procedure intended for another patient. These “wrong-site, wrong-procedure, wrong-patient errors” (WSPEs) are rightly termed never events—errors that should never occur and indicate serious underlying safety problems. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes annual statistics on these medical errors.

We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and strive to fully explain:

  • All Compensation Available Under Ohio Law
  • Medical Bills – Who Pays and How to Get Them Paid
  • Lost Wage Repayment
  • Out-of-Pocket Cost Reimbursement
    • Collection of Medical Records and Bills
    • Value of Pain and Suffering
    • Expert Reports
    • Property Damage Repairs and Diminished Value Claims


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everyone relies on medical professionals for quality and accurate healthcare, as a Dayton, OH hospital and surgical attorney understands the importance of. However, medical errors can occur, leading to devastating consequences for patients and their families. In such cases, seeking legal assistance becomes essential. In this blog post, we will explore what qualifies as a hospital or surgical error, the damages you can receive from a hospital error claim, the benefits of hiring a hospital error lawyer, and when it is crucial to seek legal assistance for hospital negligence.

    What qualifies as a hospital or surgical error?

    A hospital or surgical error refers to a preventable mistake or negligence that occurs during medical treatment or while receiving care in a healthcare facility. These errors can encompass a wide range of actions or omissions, including misdiagnosis, medication errors, surgical mistakes, anesthesia errors, infections acquired during hospital stays, or failure to obtain informed consent. It is important to note that not all unfavorable medical outcomes are considered errors. To prove a valid claim, you need to show a link between the error and the breach of standard of care.

    Damages you can receive from a hospital error claim:

    Hospital errors can have severe or even fatal consequences in addition to financial losses for patients as well as their families. When filing a hospital error claim, several types of damages can be pursued. These may include medical expenses (past, present, and future), lost wages or earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, disability or disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. An experienced hospital error lawyer can help assess your case and determine the appropriate damages to seek based on the specific circumstances and applicable laws.

    Benefits of hiring a hospital error lawyer:

    Navigating a hospital error claim can be complex and challenging. Hiring a skilled hospital error lawyer offers numerous advantages. Firstly, they possess in-depth knowledge of medical malpractice laws and can effectively evaluate the strength of your case. They have the resources and expertise to gather evidence, consult with medical experts, and build a compelling argument on your behalf. With assistance from a Dayon hospital and surgical error attorney, they can negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you are compensated fairly. Moreover, they will guide you through the legal process, providing support and protecting your rights at every step.

    When to seek legal assistance for hospital negligence:

    Seek legal assistance right away if you or a loved one has suffered harm due to a hospital error. Several factors may indicate the need for legal action, including a significant injury or illness resulting from medical treatment, suspicion of negligence or a breach of the standard of care, a lack of satisfactory answers from medical professionals, or an unwillingness to acknowledge responsibility. Consulting with a hospital error lawyer will help determine the viability of your case and ensure you take appropriate legal action within the statute of limitations.

    Hospital errors can have devastating consequences, impacting the lives of patients and their families. Understanding what qualifies as a hospital or surgical error, the potential damages in a hospital error claim, the benefits of hiring a hospital error lawyer, and when to seek legal assistance is crucial in obtaining justice and fair compensation. By enlisting the expertise of a knowledgeable attorney, you can navigate the complexities of medical malpractice litigation and work towards securing the compensation you deserve while holding negligent healthcare providers accountable. Learn about legal assistance you can receive with help from a Dayton hospital and surgical error attorney from Cowan & Hilgeman.

    Cowan and Hilgeman has the experience and resources that are necessary to fully investigate your case and prosecute your claims. If you have questions regarding your claims or benefits, call us today to schedule a free birth injury case consultation.

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    See for yourself why so many clients have trusted the birth injury accident attorneys at Cowan and Hilgeman to protect their rights. We are proud to offer free face-to-face birth injury case evaluations.

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