Medical Malpractice Lawyer Dayton, OH

stethoscope and gavel over words that say "malpractice"Medical Malpractice Lawyer Dayton, OH

A medical malpractice lawyer in Dayton, OH from Cowan & Hingleman knows that if you were treated for an injury or illness, then you reasonably anticipate healing. But for some patients, this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, doctors and medical staff are still people and may commit a serious accident that leads to patient harm or death. If you suspect that you or someone you love was the victim of medical malpractice at the hands of a doctor, nurse, medical facility, or other related party, then contact our law office now for further advice. 

Examples of reasons why a patient and/or their family may pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit are listed below:

Mistakes During Surgery

Many issues can arise during a procedure or surgery. All it takes is a tool to not be sterilized, a doctor who is too tired to notice a crucial detail, or another oversight to be committed for a patient to suffer greatly. The wrong surgery or a procedure gone awry necessitates speaking with a lawyer to find out if you have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

Neglect from Low Staffing

Many hospitals are currently understaffed. This is a growing problem that is impacting every area of the world. But, it is worth noting that this doesn’t mean a patient should suffer the consequences of understaffing. It is the responsibility of the hospital to hire qualified staff, and enough of them, so that their patients don’t go neglected. 

Lack of Informed Consent

You may have signed a form prior to a procedure or surgery stating that you are aware of the risks involved and are choosing to move forward with it. It is the duty of the doctor to clearly and thoroughly explain what will happen during the surgery. Your doctor should ensure that you fully understand the risks, and then provide answers to any inquiries you have. If the surgery is underway, and the doctor failed to speak with you properly, it is considered a lack of informed consent.

New Symptoms Develop

Determining whether new symptoms were caused because of medical malpractice can be difficult, but not impossible. Each new symptom after a treatment or procedure should be noted and brought up with the treating doctor. Depending on the situation, your lawyer may advise getting another doctor to correct and continue your care, as a way to prevent further mistakes from the prior physician. 

Even if you aren’t sure whether medical malpractice has happened to you or a loved one, it’s worth speaking with a lawyer. Contact a medical malpractice lawyer in Dayton, Ohio from Cowan & Hingleman today to learn more.