Personal Injury Lawyer

Despite all your best efforts and careful planning, you’ve been hurt. Doctors have been seen and specialists have been consulted. Luckily, the healing has started. Not so luckily, the medical bills have started coming in too and you don’t feel like you deserve to go into debt for something that wasn’t your fault. As the professionals at Hall-Justice Law Firm can attest to, if you have sustained a personal injury, make an appointment for a consultation with a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later to find out if you can seek compensation for your injury.

How Will I Find out Who’s at Fault?

In the meantime, how do you decide who was at fault for your injury? Well, you don’t. A team of lawyers, insurance companies, and the legal system, all look at several details to decide who is at fault, or liable, for your injuries. In some cases, the person who is injured has even been known to have been at fault. Be sure to recall all the details to the best of your ability and provide all evidence during your consultation to prevent this. 

How Will Someone Else Find out if They’re at Fault?

Determining who is at fault in your injury case will be a complex determination. It can be a lengthy process and most parties do not accept fault until they are legally ordered to. The person, people, or entity who is liable for your personal injury claim is often required to compensate you for your injuries and the money you may have paid to restore yourself. They only do this if they are determined to be legally liable for your injury. First, the courts have to prove that they are actually at fault. 

How Will the Courts Find out Who’s at Fault?

To prove someone or something liable for your injuries is to legally brand their actions as careless and/or negligent. For example, if someone was determined negligent in driving, they would be at fault for the accident. If a business was negligent in repairing a leak and you slipped and fell, they would be at fault for the accident, etc. But, the fault is not always so easily assigned. Sometimes, insurance companies will even attempt to assign shared liability. Be sure to work with a lawyer that knows all the details of your case to ensure the smoothest possible process.

Personal injuries can stop the normal comings and goings of life in their tracks. Suffering from the additional worry of medical bills or debt from work stoppages shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind while healing from an accident. Call a personal injury lawyer for a consultation today.