Car Accident Lawyer Dayton, OH

Car Accident Lawyer Dayton, OH

There are many reasons why car accidents can happen.  Some of the reasons include not looking where one is going, being in a hurry to work or school and one not looking where they are going, attempting to run through a red light, having to stop for a car that suddenly stops in front of someone, causing a pile up, and more. Moreover, what is important to consider about car accidents, is the kind of suffering that can happen. This relates to physical and mental. For physical injuries, this can widely depend on the impact, which can range from minor injuries, such as scratches, to something more serious, such as whiplash, broken bones, internal injuries, etc.  

Furthermore, another important aspect to focus on is ensuring that when it comes to physical injuries, people get x-rays, to ensure that any injuries that may not be visible at the moment, are taken care of.  One of the strongest examples of this pertains to whiplash. When people get into car crashes, neck injuries can happen, but signs may not be visible from the start. As such, it is important to get x-rays for issues regarding whiplash, because if a person does not, the physical consequences could be permanent. Then, there is also mental trauma as well, which can range from flashbacks, built, unresolved grief, and more. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of a car accident, you need a car accident lawyer in Dayton, Ohio, that is experienced and trusted.  For nearly three decades, the car accident lawyers at Cowan & Hilgeman have helped injured clients recover compensation.  

What Is a Car Accident Injury Case?

A car accident injury case is a civil action.  This means that the other party was at-fault for the car accident and you or a loved suffered injuries from the accident.  The injured party is legally entitled to recover monetary damages.  Furthermore, when it comes to a car accident injury case, some of the questions that a car accident lawyer would ask would focus on when the car accident took place, how it happened, why it happened, who was responsible, injuries that were suffered and who was involved, and more. These aspects further aid in refining the case.   

Settlements and court awards in car accident personal injury cases can vary greatly with amounts ranging from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.  There are many factors that can affect the value of a car accident personal injury case, so consulting with an experienced and trusted car accident injury law firm in Dayton, Ohio, is important. 

The four elements that you must prove to have a successful car accident injury case are: (1) duty; (2) breach of duty; (3) causation and (4) damages.  In other words, the at-fault party must breach a duty to another person which causes injury.    

Do I Have a Car Accident Injury Case?

Car accident injury claims come in all shapes and sizes.  Regardless of the size of a car accident injury claim, all cases undergo two basic evaluations:  liability and damages.

Liability: Legal obligation or duty of a party to the person injured.

Cause:  Proving that the liability caused the damages.

Damages:  The amount of money the law provides for the breach of an obligation or duty.

  • Compensatory Damages:  Money paid to compensate someone injured in a car accident.
    • Economic Damages:  Medical Bills, Co-Pays, Deductibles and Lost Wages
    • Non-Economic Damages:  Pain and Suffering; Permanent Injury; Disfigurement; Scarring; Emotional Injury; and Physical Deformity.
  • Punitive Damages:  Money paid to an injured party as a punishment for willful, wanton or reckless conduct.   

Any experienced car accident lawyers Dayton Ohio has to offer will be able to determine if the defendant was liable for damages, the size and scope of the damages and how best to recover compensation for car accident victims in Dayton Ohio.  The best car accident lawyers will listen to the facts of your case, develop a strategy that fits your needs and communicate effectively to achieve success.  

A good Dayton Ohio car accident lawyer will be able to quickly evaluate your potential car accident case to determine the various types of claims.  For example, if the at-fault party was distracted on a cell phone, surfing the internet or sending text messages at the time of the car accident, this may give rise to punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages.  Obtaining this information can be time sensitive and apply additional pressure on insurance companies to settle cases for maximum value.  The Cowan & Hilgeman car accident lawyers are relentless in their pursuit of justice for clients which means winning the maximum amount of compensation in the case.   

Dayton Ohio Car Accident Lawyers with Experience.

Cowan & Hilgeman has some of the top car accident lawyers Dayton Ohio has to offer.  The legal system can be intimidating and confusing which is why consulting with the respected car accident lawyers at Cowan & Hilgeman can help put your mind at ease.  With decades of experience helping thousands of clients, our Dayton Ohio car accident lawyers will handle your case from start to finish.  This includes dealing with the insurance companies, filing lawsuits and litigation, and trial.  

Tips for Picking a Car Accident Lawyer Dayton Ohio Residents Can Trust.

#1  Do Your Research.  Not all car accident lawyers are the same.  Insurance companies rely on specially trained claims adjusters to deny, delay, confuse and refuse to honor legitimate car accident injury claims.  You need an aggressive Dayton Ohio car accident lawyer to properly present your case, avoid traps and maximize the value of your case.  The experienced Dayton Ohio car accident lawyers at Cowan & Hilgeman have helped thousands of clients navigate the claim and court system to achieve success in maximizing the value of their cases.     

#2  Track Record of Success.  It is important that your car accident lawyer is respected by other lawyers, judges and insurance adjusters so that your claim gets the attention it deserves.  If your lawyer does not have the respect of insurance companies and their lawyers based on past experience, you will never maximize the full value of your case.  

#3  Recognitions and Awards.  National publications and services routinely recognize our lawyers as some of the best car accident lawyers in Dayton OhioWith recognition from Martindale-Hubbell, America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators, The National Trial Lawyers and Super Lawyers, our Dayton Ohio car accident lawyers are uniquely qualified to help on cases of all sizes.  

How To Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer Dayton Ohio Has To Offer?

Injured victims need aggressive car accident lawyers with experience that will go to battle for them.  When deciding to hire a car accident lawyer, is the car accident lawyer answering the tough questions? Or, do they avoid answering the question? Can the personal injury lawyer walk you through the entire claim process and provide detail about each phase of the claim? Will the personal injury lawyer be accessible? If you have any doubts about these questions, then you need to find a new personal injury lawyer.

Reviews from past clients are a great way to evaluate how the lawyer is likely to treat you throughout the claim process.  Many lawyers will tell clients what they want to hear during the initial telephone call or meeting, but a detailed review from a previous client will give you great indication of what to expect from start to finish. Also, will your case get the attention it deserves or lost in the mix with all the other cases?

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Car accidents occur on a daily basis on Ohio roadways and can cause a wide range of injuries. Some of them are minor while others are life-threatening. That is why it is important for everyone to seek immediate medical care after a vehicle collision. Here are the most common car accident injuries.

  • Traumatic brain injuries. The force of a vehicle collision can cause injury to the brain. Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most common types of car accident injuries and can drastically change your life. The injury can affect your cognitive ability, memory and emotions. Sometimes brain injuries require long-term rehabilitation.
  • Broken bones. During a car accident, your body can hit different parts of your vehicle. This can result in broken bones in your arms, legs and other body parts. Although broken bones aren’t life-threatening, they can cause excruciating pain. If a bone is broken in more than one place, you may need surgery.
  • Whiplash. If your head moves back and forth suddenly during a car accident, you may sustain whiplash. The injury can cause neck pain and stiffness, dizziness and shoulder pain. It’s not uncommon for people to feel fine right after suffering whiplash. You may experience symptoms days or weeks after the car accident.
  • Scrapes and Cuts. You can suffer scrapes and cuts if loose projectiles hit your skin during a car accident. These injuries might not seem as serious as other car accident injuries, they should not be taken lightly. They can be quite painful and result in infection if not treated promptly.
  • Burns. Sometimes vehicles can catch fires after accidents. As a result, you may suffer burn injuries. In addition to being extremely painful, burns can cause permanent scarring. You may need a skin graft.
  • Chest injuries. These injuries are common among drivers. They may suffer chest injuries if their chest hits the steering wheel during a car accident. Chest injuries can cause bruising and internal injuries.
  • Emotional injuries. Many people associate car accidents with just physical injuries. However, as a car accident lawyer in Dayton, OH can attest, the accidents can also cause emotional injuries in some accident victims. For instance, you may suffer anxiety following a car accident and may be afraid of getting into a vehicle again. Emotional injuries can prevent a person from living a normal life.