Truck Accident Lawyer Dayton, OH

truck hitting the front of a totaled red carTruck Accident Lawyer Dayton, OH

A truck accident lawyer Dayton, OH from Cowan & Hilgeman knows that commercial truck accidents are quite different from car accidents. Not only are you up against a much larger vehicle, but truckers must abide by regulations that the average driver doesn’t have to. Trucks can weigh upwards of eighty thousand pounds, so it’s no wonder that the other car and those inside are often the ones that sustain the most damage. 

When it comes to who is liable in a truck accident, the answer may not be immediately clear. There are a few different parties that could have contributed to the accident happening, such as the trucker, the trucking company, the truck parts manufacturer, or a third driver. To know which parties are involved in a truck accident, a lawyer will need to assess your case.

Because the resulting damages and injuries in a truck accident are often steep, you may find that the trucker’s insurance company is attempting to blame you for the accident. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters will do everything they can to reduce or deny your claim, including making you say certain statements during what seemed to be a genuinely concerned phone call. As a Dayton, OH truck accident lawyer may tell you, an insurance adjuster is not your friend. To protect yourself, contact a qualified truck accident lawyer to give you personalized legal support.

The larger the car, the more devastation that can ensue. When a truck accident happens, victims are likely to endure severe injury, hefty medical bills, and substantial property damage. Common injuries for truck accident victims are listed as follows: 

  • Head Injuries, Head injuries are common truck accident injuries. During the moment of impact, a victim’s head can strike the headrest, steering wheel or side airbags. This can result in concussions, brain bleeds and traumatic brain injuries. 
  • Leg Injuries. A car accident can cause severe leg injuries that may need emergency surgery or even amputation. For example, victims can suffer broken legs because of the impact. If a car is struck at high speed, the victim’s legs can get pinned in between the seats. 
  • Seat Belt Rash. The force of a truck accident can be so strong that it causes painful bruises or rashes on a victim’s chest. These can take days to recover from and can leave permanent scars. 
  • Broken bones. Many truck accident victims suffer fractures and broken bones due to the force of the impact. This is common in rollover accidents and rear-end accidents.  
  • Mental anguish and fears. Victims who are injured in a truck accident can experience emotional trauma. Truck accident victims can struggle with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders as a result of their accident. 
  • Soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries refer to injuries to the nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 
  • Traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries are devastating injuries that often occur in severe truck accidents. Truck accident victims can strike their head on the steering wheel, the side of their vehicle, or on the ground if they are ejected. 
  • Crushed extremities. Truck accident victims can get their body, limbs, or extremities crushed inside their vehicle. This often happens to victims who become trapped. 
  • Organ damage. Because of the severity of the impact in a car accident, injuries to organs are common. Victims in truck accidents can suffer internal bleeding if their body is punctured or cut by sharp debris. 
  • Spinal cord injury. A serious car accident frequently results in spinal injuries, limiting a person’s ability to sit, stand, and walk. Recovery from a spinal injury can take several weeks or even months if the injuries are particularly serious. Many rear-end accident victims sustain fractures along their spine. 
  • And More

A lawyer is aware that auto accidents can result in serious injuries. The consequences of a horrific and sudden car accident can impact a victim for months or years, depending on the severity of the injury. Hiring a lawyer to assist you with your car accident claim can help you maximize the compensation that you can receive for your damages. 

What to Do After a Car Accident 

At the scene of a truck accident, do your best to stay calm. The scene is probably hectic and stressful, but assessing yourself for injuries will take precedent. Turn on your hazard lights, call for help, get medical attention, stay at the scene, gather information from all parties involved, collect evidence, and don’t discuss the accident with anyone else but the responding officer. The officer will take a report of the accident, which you can get a copy of in the days to follow. 

During this time, it’s important that you put yourself first. Your health and finances are a priority, and you may need a legal team to guide you and protect your best interests. Handling a case alone can be challenging for many reasons. You are probably not familiar with the law and your case could be extremely complex. Having a lawyer at your side can help you prepare a stronger case. If you have multiple injuries or have suffered a moderate or severe injury, it may mean you could be eligible to receive more damages. Some of the top injuries that a lawyer usually sees in car accident cases are described below. Contact a truck accident lawyer in Dayton, Ohio from Cowan & Hilgeman today for immediate help over a consultation.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can result in very serious and life-threatening injuries or even death and if you have been involved in one, it could be beneficial to reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Dayton, Ohio. A truck accident lawyer can assist you after you have been involved in a truck accident. You are going to need an experienced and skilled truck accident lawyer because it can be extremely challenging to file a claim and seek justice when a commercial truck is involved. 

Working with a truck accident lawyer has the skills and experience of helping other clients who have suffered injuries that have been caused by a commercial truck accident. A professional like a truck accident lawyer will work towards getting you the compensation that you rightly deserve for your losses. When a commercial truck is involved that will most likely mean that multiple liable parties are involved, so having help from a lawyer can help you manage every aspect of your claim. A lawyer will have the time and resources to take action on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Here are a few reasons why you should have a truck accident lawyer on your side to help you get full justice:

  1. Being involved in a truck accident could mean that it becomes difficult to know who all the parties involved are liable for the accident and your injuries. Sometimes those liable parties could include the driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, or even government entities. Having a lawyer could ensure that all liable parties involved are held accountable so that you can get the compensation promptly. 
  2. A truck accident lawyer in Dayton, Ohio can provide the skills and expertise that are needed to handle multi-defendant cases. They will be able to handle complex negotiations which would most likely be confusing and challenging for anyone who is not an experienced lawyer. 
  3. A lawyer will understand which appropriate legal strategy would be beneficial to you as their client. Without a lawyer, you probably would have a hard time determining the best legal strategy to prepare your case for trial. A lawyer will be able to analyze your case, retrieve evidence and expert witnesses, and come up with the best course of legal action to get the justice and the compensation you deserve not just now but for the rest of your life.
  4. Having a truck accident lawyer on your side will guide you through your entire legal process. Legal processes can be complicated and overwhelming, however, a truck accident lawyer, they will be able to deal directly with the trucking company and its insurance company to reduce your stress and any more trauma that could be caused if you had to communicate directly with them. A lawyer will be able to guide you in a better way when it comes to your case and its settlement.

Being a victim of a truck accident can be extremely traumatizing both mentally and physically and you don’t have to go through this alone. Working with a truck accident lawyer can ensure that your best interests and needs are recognized and met. A lawyer will fight for you and anything that you may be owed as a result of this traumatic experience.

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