Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases can range from various sources. Ultimately, any incident caused by another party’s negligence that results in injury can be considered a personal injury. However, some personal injuries are more common than others. We’ll break down some of the most common personal injuries that happen. 

Car Accidents Claims

By far the most common personal injury cases are car accidents. Although cars have become far safer in the past few decades, millions of crashes still happen every year. Often these crashes are the result of the other driver’s negligence. 

Slip and Fall Accidents 

Slipping and falling due to hazardous conditions can lead to serious injuries. In the case where it can be demonstrated that another party exhibited negligence (such as a store not putting out a wet floor sign after mopping), a person might be entitled to compensation. 


While most personal injury cases are the result of negligence, assault is considered an intentional act. Unfortunately, assault still happens. 

Medical Malpractice 

Medical malpractice happens when a healthcare provider makes mistakes that leave their patients with either temporary or permanent injuries. These injuries may range from issues that affect their daily lives, to issues that prolong treatment or result in temporary or permanent scars. While the elements surrounding medical malpractice can be more complicated, they are typically treated the same as personal injury cases. 

Dog Bites

While dogs are an integral part of human society it’s important to remember that dogs can still cause significant harm. It’s a dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that their dog is properly trained/isn’t in the position to cause another person harm. Dog bites or other dog-related injuries often result from a person’s negligence. 

Product Liability 

While today there are a lot more regulations concerning product production, defective products are still an issue. When a defective product leads to injury, the injured party is entitled to seek compensation for their injuries. In some cases, it’s even possible that the entity–such as a corporation–knowingly released defective products. In those cases, an injured party might also be entitled to punitive damages. 

Workplace Accidents 

It’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe. Workplace environments like construction and manufacturing in particular are prone to accidents. However, workplace accidents can occur on any job. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the accident, an attorney might recommend you either pursue a personal injury case or that you seek worker’s compensation. 

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, sometimes a personal injury case can result in a person’s wrongful death. When a person’s death can directly be tied to another party’s negligence, the victim’s family has the right to seek compensation and justice. Compensation will often be for the victim’s hospital bills while they were still alive, funeral costs, and compensation for the family’s pain and suffering. 

These are some of the most common forms of personal injury cases. However, there are many more forms of personal injury cases. Regardless of the cause(s), if you or a loved one is facing a personal injury case then having a personal injury lawyer can greatly help. Our friends at Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. have a team of lawyers ready to assist.