Personal Injury Lawyer

You were in a car accident and sustained injuries. Despite the physical and psychological trauma you have endured, the most pressing issue is receiving medical treatment for your injuries. Unfortunately, there is one significant problem: you do not have the money to pay for the hospital car and specialty services you require.

While a lawsuit is promising and a settlement would help you avoid mounting debt, the process is too slow. Your needs are immediate. How can you pay for the treatment you need?

Your situation, unfortunately, is a common one, but it is also manageable. There are several options available to you and others like you.

Auto Insurance

Car insurance policies often come with personal injury coverage. While the coverage might not be enough to cover all your medical expenses, it can help. The beauty of using auto coverage after an accident is there is little need to convince or negotiate because that is what the policy is for.

Medicare or Medicaid

The governmental health programs, Medicare and Medicaid, will cover the initial costs of your treatment following a car accident. Like personal insurance, you will need to pay the policy back upon receipt of settlement or a favorable verdict. If you meet the qualifying criteria for coverage, each is a good option for receiving the treatment you need.

Personal Loan

If you do not have access to an insurance policy, or if your policies do not cover the total costs of your treatment and rehabilitation, you can apply for a personal loan. Some lenders only exist to provide loans for medical needs. The main drawback to using one of these companies is the interest rates on top of the principal loan.

Family, Friends, or Savings

If your case is strong, your family or friends might be willing to lend or gift you some money. While they may not offer enough to cover the total, their generosity might be enough to help you seek and begin treatment.

Additionally, you can dip into your savings. Look at it like taking a loan from yourself. When a verdict or settlement is reached, repay your savings.

Attorney Liens

Depending on your case, a lawyer can convince a hospital or rehabilitation facility to postpone payment until a settlement or verdict is reached. These agreements are called liens and are common with personal injury claims.

Receiving treatment is crucial to your health and claim. Contact a personal injury lawyer, like Ward & Ward Law Firm, to discuss your next steps.