According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than six million car accidents occur each year in the United States. American drivers can expect to get involved in some type of auto crash once every six years. The frequency of car accidents in the United States does not mean drivers have mastered the steps to take following a crash. Knowing what steps to take after a vehicle collision can make the difference between receiving just compensation and finding yourself in a deep financial hole.

The first thing to remember is to never leave the scene of a car accident. After that, you should complete the following steps as a car accident lawyer would advise:

Call 911

Yes, you do not need to call 911 after a minor fender bender at your favorite grocery store. However, a majority of auto crashes require the involvement of law enforcement personnel, as well as a team of medical responders. Law enforcement personnel clear the scene of a car accident to ensure the safety of other drivers and passengers. They also conduct a thorough investigation that leads to the filing of the official police report. The official police report represents the most important information received by your personal injury attorney.

Receive Medical Care

The emergency medical responders who arrive at the accident scene provide healthcare services to minimize the seriousness of your injuries. However, you might sustain serious enough injuries that require you to travel to the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment. Even if you remain at the scene of the auto crash, you should eventually seek medical care to ensure you have not developed any delayed symptoms, such as those associated with brain trauma. Without a paper trail proving you received healthcare services, you cannot expect to receive compensation to cover the costs associated with medical bills.

Gather Information

Although law enforcement personnel conduct a comprehensive investigation, you give your personal injury lawyer a head start on a different investigation by collecting information as our friends at Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC know very well. Use your Smartphone to capture images of the accident scene. Make note of any traffic and/or security cameras positioned near the scene of the motor vehicle collision. You must exchange insurance information with other drivers, but do not make any admission of fault concerning the cause of the auto crash. Get the contact information from every witness. Your personal injury lawyer will need it to schedule interviews.

Contact A Lawyer

You have a considerable amount of information to process in the immediate aftermath of a vehicle collision. An experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in car accident cases can help you make sense of all the information. During a free case evaluation, a lawyer reviews a copy of the official police report, as well as examines the evidence that you have gathered. You do not want to contact your insurance company after a car accident until you consult with a personal injury lawyer. Your insurance company might try to take advantage of you without legal representation.

Hiring a personal injury attorney helps you calculate a reasonable value for compensation, which includes both economic and non-economic damages. Your lawyer also acts as a buffer between you and the insurance adjuster reviewing your claim. If you take your case to trial, you have an advocate on your side who argues your case.